MSIG 2006 The Fire Lake Game

Cerrobend Labyrinth

Clue Design Sean Lambert Scott Blomquist
Development Sean Lambert Scott Blomquist
Construction Sean Lambert Scott Blomquist Andy Rich Andy Vanosdale Chris Meyers Derek Westcott Erik Neuenschwander Jamie Eckman Kara Govro Lee Chang Marc Reyhner Nick Fang Shane Lile Sonya Chang Tricia Lee Zach Johnson most of igstaff, at one point or another
Staffing Sean Lambert

Teams found the staff member on site and purchased a Fire Lake Resorts Travel Game using a giant $20 bill from the previous puzzle.

The travel game was a transparent 4" cube with a 3D maze inside. There was a small metal ball rolling around in it. The top of the cube had a label with the team's name and a window marked "START", showing the location of ball inside. The bottom of the cube had what was obviously a puzzle, and a hole for extracting the ball from the maze.