Dead Body

How It Works



Hi! I'm not here to take your call, but if you leave a message with your name and number, I'll get right back to you!



I know you kids are there! I have a place you can hide, but I don't want to say it on this answering machine. The cops are on the way, so call the tip line with the code safehouse. You got it kids? Safehouse. Now Go!


Hmmm, Safehouse? Teams entered this into the phone system.

Design Notes

We wanted something quick, unambiguous, and memorable. There was much debate about hanging a live person into the piano, but in the end, it looked pretty cool.

GC Notes

Timing was really rough for this one, and being stuffed into a grand piano hurts something awful, so there were occasions where teams saw us out of character. Other teams forgot that the porch of the house is not generally around the back. And when you're looking to catch a couple of people in the act, knocking on the front door typically won't yield results.

There were also some funny moments when people questioned whether the body was an actor or a mannequin.