World Map

How It Works

Each continent is done seperately in the order: Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, North America, South America. The locations that the crimes take place spell out letters when drawn on the map, one letter per continent. Each card leads to a location, and has some small puzzle to solve, with each continent having a theme.

Themes (an aid to solving)

Theme: Encodings
Theme: Compass Directions, Spurious Capitalizations
Theme: Encryption, Rotation Cyphers
Theme: Compass Directions, Acrostic degree numbers
North America
Theme: Haiku, Factual
South America
Theme: Compass Directions, Finding Sets

Card Solutions

  1. None (Flavor Text)
  2. decimal encoded letters (Berlin) Start of Europe
  3. Morse (London)
  4. Braille (Barcelona)
  5. binary encoded letters (Rome)
  6. bad pun (Capetown) Start of Africa
  7. Acrostic (NNW to Casablanca)
  8. Acrostic (E to Cairo)
  9. Acrostic (SW to Lagos)
  10. Acrostic (SE to Madagascar)
  11. Caeser Cypher, rot3 (brisbane) Start of Australia
  12. Rot13 (Tasmania)
  13. vague reference (bangalore) Start of Asia
  14. Acrostic Degrees (360, NorthDelhi)
  15. Acrostic Degrees (135, SEBangkok)
  16. Acrostic Degrees (45, NEShanghai)
  17. Acrostic Degrees (180, SManila)
  18. Factual Bad Poetry (Chicago) Start of North America
  19. Factual Bad Poetry (Denver)
  20. Factual Bad Poetry (New Orleans)
  21. Factual Bad Poetry (Mexico City)
  22. Factual Bad Poetry (Havana)
  23. Vague reference (Cayenne) Start of South America
  24. Fill in the blank (WestBogota)
  25. Fill in the blank (SouthLima)
  26. Fill in the blank (EastBrasilia)
  27. Fill in the blank (SouthMontevideo)
  28. Fill in the blank (WestSantiago)


One word, six letters: CRIMES

Design Notes

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