How It Works

Teams worked to earn materials to construct their rocket. They were allowed to field a 4 person (exactly) net crew to catch the missile, inside or outside of the 20' radius target circle. The net crew had to start with one foot inside a hula-hoop placed at the back of the circle. This allowed teams to both soften the landing and extend the target area, but only if they worked together.


This clue has four stages, which may be (and often were) repeated.

  1. Earn materials
    • Teams solve wordsearches to get materials
    • Each wordsearch has several items on it
    • Teams circle one item on each wordsearch and turn it in for that item
    • Teams receive 12 wordsearches
  2. Rent tools
    • Tools may be borrowed from the staff
    • Teams may only borrow one tool at a time
    • Teams must return tools before launching their missile
  3. Construct missile
    • Teams may only use earned materials
    • Some of the available materials are silly, but they will be available even if not useful
    • Teams may use their own tools
  4. Fire missile
    • Teams must deliver payload (unbroken egg) to target
    • After one launch, they go to the end of the line
    • Water jugs will be provided, but teams must get the water
    • Target area is about 20' in diameter, centered about 100' from the launcher
    • Teams may man a net (4 people) to catch the missile
    • Net team must each have one foot in starting ring when missile is launched
    • Missiles landing in the target area with a plastic egg earn an additional requisition form

Available Materials (word search answers)

  • twoliterbottle
  • thinfoam
  • garbagesack
  • clothespins
  • soldier
  • latexgloves
  • onemducttape
  • shelfliner
  • balloon
  • candle
  • reddixiecup
  • bungeecord
  • usedbubblewrap
  • superglue
  • newspaper
  • flatware
  • toothbrush
  • mousetrap
  • rawegg
  • partyhat
  • string
  • aluminumfoil
  • mothballs
  • breathmints
  • plasticegg
  • filefolder
  • rubberbands
  • hanger
  • smallpopbottle
  • peeps
  • cardboard
  • sponge
  • twomblacktape
  • shotglass
  • sportscar
  • missileplans

Rentable Tools

  • 3 sharpies (red, blue, black) and a ruler
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife
  • pliers
  • hammer
  • lighter


Design Notes

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