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Oh, so you've finally caught up with me. Well, in case you didn't notice, I've had my boys tailing you this whole time. Ever since that boss of yours decided to hang out at my club for a week. What I don't get is why. Your boss sent you to check out the father of one of my patrons, then sent you to his golf club. That's weird. And now, you're looking for one of my girls is that right?

You guys went through a lot just to meet me. Not many hotshot detectives have the skill or cojones to seek me out, so either you're really smart and brave, or lucky and dumb.

You know, I don't actually care what you want with her anyhow, but her going rate is way more than children like you could afford - she's been getting very popular lately. Some guy named Fields has been bothering her a lot. That guy, I'd like to introduce him to my associate. My associate has anger management issues. And a toolbox. And he ain't no carpenter.

Jimmy makes threatening hammer motions.

He's especially fond of hammers.




You seem like smart kids. I'm going to be generous, and you'll all keep the use of your hands and knees. I'm not in the business of giving out information, but I like the idea of you hotshot detectives owing me one.

That guy Fields has been chatting up a girl at my club, Candi, with an I. If you're looking for Candi, well, she works most weeknights at my club. And one more thing kids, I'm going to leave you with one word: Kneecap. You'll want to remember that.


Uhhh... Kneecap.

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