MSIG 2011: Future Energy Institute MSIG 2011: Federal Espionage and Intelligence


Clue Design Andy Echols, Greg Filpus
Development Andy Echols, Greg Filpus
Construction Pretty much everyone, including Andy Echols, Tristan Brown, Greg Mennenga, Nick Fang, Dan McKenna, Derek Westcott, Greg Filpus, Ben Butler, Jett Jones, Karen Fang, Sandy Degi, Joshua May, Christine Moeller, Ben Andrews, Rebecca Kim, Sean Lambert
On-site Staff Andy Echols, Greg Filpus, Greg Mennenga, Jett Jones, Jason Wodicka, Sylvia Wodicka, Kenny Young, Dana Young


Teams enter a room containing an ominous-looking command console. A message from their contact implores them to activate the Self-Destruct sequence and save the world...

This puzzle is not solvable online.