Emptied Pockets

Clue Design Derek Brandao, Erik
Development Derek Brandao, Erik
Construction Derek Brandao, Erik, Scott, Jen, Derek Westcott
Staffing Sean, Erik


This puzzle cannot be solved online.

In the dead of night, teams creep slowly down a pedestrian overpass above I-405. It is empty, except for two bums and a foul-smelling blanket. Wait, does that bum have a staff buff tied to his bat?

Teams had to interact with two “bums” to receive the puzzle, which was the contents of their pockets. No other hints were given.

The bums, before they headed out to the overpass, then onsite with a team.
Bums at GC

Contents of a live bum's pocket

  • Paperclips
  • Wad of paper
  • Bundle of pennies
  • The bum's last cigarette
  • A matchbook with one match
  • A knotted-up shoelace