MSIG 2009: Zoobotics Making the FutureTM

Gummi Jell-O

Clue Design Jamie Eckman, Brad Dodson, Nick Fang
Development Brad Dodson, Nick Fang
Construction Brad Dodson, Nick Fang, Sandy Degi
Staffing Sandy Degi, Brad Dodson, Andy Echols


Teams arrived at Pioneer Park and received a cooler with dry ice and a gallon jug of gelatin. Embedded in the gelatin were gummis:

Gummis included in container

The container also had two labels:

Container label 1 Container label 2

The first step of the puzzle can be solved with this information. Once it is solved, the spoiler section below contains the next piece of information needed.

The back of the first label very faintly says "Index mammals in reverse." You now have enough information to solve the puzzle online.