Welcome to the Microsoft Intern Game!

Every year, the college interns at Microsoft spend a weekend driving around Washington state solving puzzles in a contest of skill, for the prize of honor. It's called "The Game," and they rate it as one of their favorite activities of the summer. Outside of their awesome jobs, of course.

What is The Game?

It is like The Amazing Race on a comparatively tiny budget. Think of a scavenger hunt in which the next step is always cleverly encoded. Think of a road rally in minivans.

Not clear? You might find the Wikipedia write-up more enlightening.

Can I find out more about your Games?

Caveat: We're way behind on our write-ups. We know. Sorry about that.

Also, some of our recent write-ups have some missing spots. If you're interested in anything that's missing, feel free to poke us and we'll see what we can do to get it filled in.

Want to play our Game?

There are two ways in.

One option is to play in the live summer Game. The only requirement is that you are an intern employed by Microsoft. That's not a trivial requirement to meet, but you can read about the opportunity and, if it interests you, mail your school's recruiter.

The other option is to be a tester for us throughout the year. We do a rehearsal in the spring which is open to select people. Contact the leads for more information.

Want to help produce our Game?

Great! You must be in the Seattle area (because there is construction and other on-site work) and you must be the kind of person who meets commitments.

If that describes you, mail us.