Clue Design Sylvia Luxenburg, Jason Wodicka
Development Sylvia Luxenburg, Jason Wodicka
Construction Jason Wodicka (CAD Modeling), Andy Rich, Ben Leclerc, Jamie Eckman (Laser Cutter Operation)
Staffing n/a


This clue cannot be solved online.

Teams arrived at the site and received a CD spindle with a set of acrylic discs on it.

Each disc had a set of teeth around the edge, a short phrase engraved just inside the edge, and a set of arcs cut through the middle of the disc.

The phrases on the discs read:

  • equilateral hexacontagon angle
  • James Monroe
  • Morse second initial plus third
  • neither first nor last
  • pie with shortening
  • stable size for apocalypse
  • tango requisite
  • victorious