Alien Training Meta

Clue Design Kim Vlcek
Development Kim Vlcek
Construction Kim Vlcek
On-site Staff Kim Vlcek, Kara Govro, Ashley Dies


After solving the individual parts of alien training, teams will have the following information:

Our doctors are looking for six-letter words to complete their research. I know we got the clues that went along with each test section correct, but the interns aren't known for keeping the doctors' names straight...

    • In this section, you may have created one of these with your limbs.
    • Dr. Eric Dale Deltic
    • Pressing buttons would do this to the arm in this section.
    • Dr. Cole Anton Grott
    • You had to do this during this section.
    • Dr. Cooper Dino LaParte
  • OGLE
    • If you had trouble with this section, you may need these.
    • Dr. Peter Hans Piscose
    • After this section, the alien might have gained this capability.
    • Dr. Ross Glen Lee