MSIG 2008: The Institute of Applied Synchronetics

Sledge O'Matic

Clue Design Sean
Development Sean
Construction Sean, Karen
Staff Sean, Karen, Matt, Jesse

Teams arrive at Hammer Herritage Square in Sedro Woolley and find that they are to be market research subjects. After verifying that the subjects and their friends/family are not in the "Oversized Kitchen Utensil Industry," each team is given a Sledge-O-Matic 2000: a sledge hammer with a log for a head.

<insert picture of hammers>

In order to ensure the market research subjects properly demonstrate the Sledge-O-Matic 2000 to their friends and family, they are given a variety of fruits and vegetables do practice on, a sledgee containment device to reduce the blast radius to a manageable distance, and a platform to work on.

<insert picture of sledge station>

Upon sledging an item or two, teams discover that each one contains a copper strip with words stamped on them. The following items (word inside) were arranged in a line above the sledge platform:

onion (VINE), banana (GREEN)

and the following items were arranged in another line below the platform:

zucchini (SEEDS), potato (HAS T), tomato (CRAYOLA), watermelon (ABOVE GROUND), lettuce (LAYERED), orange (SKINNY).

<insert pictures of sledging in progress, copper strips, mess>